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Welcome to the Book of Holy Matrimony

Between Abraham and the coming of the Messiah, there stretched an age spanning two thousand years. Sadly by the time Israel had realised this prophetic fulfilment, she had degenerated to an all time spiritual low. As a consequence, the Lord Jesus Christ was provoked into a scathing condemnation of Israel's leaders, labelling them, among other things, “white sepulchres” and “wolves” “in sheep's clothing”. They had no room for God's blessed Son and despised His “narrow way”.

Nowhere was He further estranged from that generation than was He in His stand upon the holiness of matrimony. His strict adherence to His Father's word, “from the beginning” shocked His hearers who had long since strayed from the holy commandment. “But in vain do they worship me teaching for doctrines, the commandments of men.” (Matthew 15:9)

Since then another age has all but passed by. This time the church has had two thousand years, but is the church any better prepared for His imminent second coming than was Israel for His first? The Lord Himself asked: “When the Son of man cometh, shall He find faith upon the Earth?” (Luke 18:8)

The reading of this little book will shock you for you shall discover that the church in general is today under an even greater blindness than was Israel.

Nothing upon Earth typifies Christ and His church as does "Holy Matrimony" and nothing is under greater attack.

© Dirk Evenhuis
ISBN 0 646 31276 6 

21 Chapters
120 Pages
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